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A disc jockey is not a disc jockey for standing behind two turntables and a mixer.

A dj becomes such when, as well as going from one song to another, gives an added value to his selection. A re-processing, an intervention, a nuance, a breath of aromatized smoke, that extra that makes that listening moment unique and unrepeatable.

This, the Magrittesque principle on which the dj-ing project Pipesmokers is based.

The Pipesmokers Project was born in March 2004 in Turin from a musical need of Luca Ferrero and Ales- sangro Vigo. In countertrend with the electro minimal style that is of major influence to the city and the Po’s riverside clubs, their project proposes to carry ahead the Garage & Funk style that had brought House into the spotlight in Italy in the second half of the 90’s. Soul, Funk, Acid & Nu Jazz, Garage, Deep House and a touch of Bossa are all defining in a Pipesmokers’ dj set.

Luca Ferrero and Alessandro Vigo, 1985, come from Ivrea, 50 km from Turin. They meet in 2000 browsing through records in the town’s music stores. Every Saturday their choice of records is the same; a coincidence? fate? Fifteen years old and heaps of love for House Music: the dj-ing twosome starts. Par- ties with friends, openings for old djs, some events in the small Ivrea, the arrival in the big Turin, a fortunate encounter. In march 2004, behind four 1200 MK-2, at the Q-ba Cocktail Club riverside the Po in Turin, project Pipesmokers Ceci n’est pas un dj is officially founded. Since then it’s been winter seasons in Turin and Piedmont’s clubs, summers along northern Italy’s coastlines and One Nights.

In 2006 they approach production with the release of their mix The Way vol.01. Since then a series of collaborations with diverse musicians from the recording room to the dance floor. The excellent feed back on the dance floor pushes Pipes to amplify, fully including the live factor.

In february 2008, Pipesmokers become part of Playmore Managment DJ Team. Thanks to Playmore, in August 2008, Smokers have been called to rappresent the italian Garage House movement at the Festas do Bodo, in Pombal (Portugal). During the event, they played back to back with International superstas dj such as Bob Sinclar, Claude Monnet, Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautiers, Na’Sayah & Amnaye, Soulful João and Dj Cèline. In September 2008 Pipesmokers started the collaboration with Alex Dimitri “South Soul” for his project South Soul.

May 2009, while Alessandro brings Pipes’ project in Beijing for their first Asian performance, Luca achie- ves the degree in Digital Music Production at SAE International Institute of Milan. On the 25th of July, Ales- sandro and Luca celebrate their first five years of activities and success with Alex Dimitri and Soulful João as special guests. In September Alex Paoloni chose the Pipesmokers for Soul’are SOUL’ARE Back to the House Roots, the new Soul/Funk oriented radio show by Partygroove Radio ( In October they entry the roster of Flora (Turin) and G Lounge (Milan), best soulful clubs in respective cities.

2010 will see Pipes taken up by a mediterranean tour between Turin, Genoa, Naples and Portugal.

March 2011, Alessandro moves in China and starts a succesfull collaboration with some of the most famous clubs in Beijing while Luca keeps on working in their production studio based in Caluso, Italy. In October 2011, ‘Gypsy Wondering’ , the last single by the Pipes, is released by South Soul Elements. The package includes hot remixes by Groove Assassin (Defected, Mn2s, Seamless), Conan Liquid (Defected, Mn2s) and Alex Dimitri South Soul (BBE Music) and jumps 5th in Traxsource TOP100 three days after the promo release.